The story behind our tomatoes

The Black Tomato originated in Ukraine; it comes from a very small part of the Crimean Peninsula. In the 19th century the Crimean soldiers leaving to return home took with them the seeds of the tomatoes, which began its expansion into new territories. Because of their purplish, brown, black skin color they have a much higher anthocyanin content that is an anti-oxidant good for your heart health and immune system.

Currently the brown tomato is a tomato crop within Top Seeds International, the result of research and mixing of different varieties using conventional and natural breeding methods. Tomachoc® is a 100% natural tomato, traditional cultivated with antioxidant properties.

Get your choc on

Plum choc tomato has a plum oval shape. The pleasant texture and flavor gives a memorable smooth umami touch to your salads while adding healthy benefits to your meals: great as a stand alone side dish and in pasta sauces.

Cordobesa , size is 80-110 grams

Mini- plum choc tomato has a tasty personality that is well balanced between sweetness, umami and acidity. Immediate unique flavor from the first bite. Good for your health, great for your meals and an eye catcher in your salads

Top 2400/Otello , size is 35-45 grams
Top Zohar , size is 30-35 grams
Top Lotz, size is 30-35 grams

Snack choc tomato has a rich and shiny dark color. It has a choc-ing good flavor, giving you more intensity in sweetness, umami and acidity. Enjoy as a snack and as aperativ.

Tiana, size 20 grams

Round choc tomato is brown in color with a dark green shade. It has a full round & soft umami flavour with a pleasant juiciness. Great for salads and cooking.

Shir , size is 80-100 grams
Quinto, size is 70-90 gram

Cocktail choc is a midi round sized tomato that gives a flavor boost to your salads. It has more sweetness compared to the round choc with a nice touch of umami.

Top Sissy , size is 30-35 grams

Cherry choc is a small round tomato with attractive dark green stripes. It has a nice sweet juicy flavor with a touch of umami.

Top Zmira , size is 25-30 grams

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